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    April 26 / 2010
Sorry for the lack of updates but the server has kinda been inactive with the new 1.5 Patch being released and all. We have finally come to a Stable release with Bukkit @ #733. I will be installing it today and all the mods are going to be getting updates as well.

   April 5th / 2011 - Blucid
One day and there have already been many changes to the Main City. Yesterday we completed Tower 1, City Hall, and the Fucking Wall. I have updated the pictures coresponding to the builds as well. Croden worked on the Town Hall, Stefanwraith worked on Tower 1 and they both finished up the wall last night. While Solarus86 was screwing around with this wolfpack as seen here.

   Picture Updates
       Main City District Map
       Construction Plan Map
Tower 1 - PIC1, PIC2, PIC3
       Town Hall - PIC1, PIC2, PIC3

   Great work to those that helped out and well see what gets done today.

   April 4rd / 2011 - Blucid
Work on the main city is going strong. With WorldGuard 5.0 almost being finished we will have the ability to create protection zones. Stefanwraith, Corcid and Croden worked on the City Gate early morning (We have a few pictures, PIC1, PIC2, PIC3). Also once you enter the city limits through our new gate Croden has constructed a Quarry (PIC1). There is a quick reference map of the Main City. We also have a plan layed out for the construction of the wall.

**NEW** Main City District Map
City Wall Construction
        Construction Plan
            - W = Wall
            - T = Tower
---- = Finished / Under Construction
---- = Under Planning
        Construction PIC1, PIC2

We also have some people finally moving into the new city limits. Skyset and Wingsbeneath are the first to setup their Home in the City District. Also Corcid has finally setup a Shop/House in "The Cove". I have also fixed the buttons on the website if anyone has anymore problems please let me know. Right now only the Home Page works none of the other pages are active (yet).

    April 3rd / 2011 - Blucid
       Welcome to the Official teamGF Minecraft Server Home Page. Currently not all the pages are up and running but the Home Page and Map is working.

    Server is working properly. Some mods are not up to date yet.
    Server: Craftbukkit #617 @ 1.4 Beta